New Apple

Ii his article ‘New Apple,’ Stephen Hackett tells us what makes the Apple of today different from the Apple he discovered in the early 2000’s.

Apple of today is different. It’s not only one of the world’s largest companies, it’s been that way for some time. Employee head count has swelled and the company is pushing into services more than ever before, all while juggling more products than ever.

As a fan of early 2000’s Apple, I often reminisce of a time when Apple was the underdog. When its low marketshare and outspoken CEO taught us to ‘Think Different.’ When choosing a computer meant picking between Home or Pro — laptop or desktop. iOS had not been invented yet.

Today’s Apple doesn’t face the same challenges. It doesn’t need to shout in shades of brightly colored plastic to be heard. Today’s Apple is a market leader, with products reaching every price point. Whose actions speak louder than words, with or without a keynote address.

Increased marketshare and a larger audience aren’t the only things that make ‘New Apple’ feel different. Tim Cook has lead Apple in a new direction. Apple is no longer just the sum of its products or the strengh of its people. Under Tim’s leadership today’s Apple is a voice for diversity, fitness, and envionmental awareness. Apple would not have the same voice if Steve Jobs was still in charge.

Like Stephen and myself, you might celebrate Apple’s new voice while still identifying with the old Apple.

I may personally identify more with a smaller company with more fight in it, it’s impossible to deny that New Apple is a greater force for good in the world. We have Tim Cook to thank for that. His unwillingness to conform to Jobs’ image has proven to be his greatest strength, and one that I think Steve himself saw and appreciated.

Here’s to another five years of Tim Cook.
nLong live New Apple.

Egg Freckles @eggfreckles