• Does anyone else remembers the release of Mac OS X James P. “Sulley” Sullivan?

    Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar box with Monsters Inc. “Sulley” colored faux fur X logo and branding.
  • Flavor Flav taking procession of his new Humane AI Pin

    Flavor Flav in a white top hat and checkered suit coat taking procession of his new oversized Humane AI Pin.
  • Extreme Newton Gaming

    Apple Newton MessagePad with a built-in Nintendo Switch Pro controller playing Freedoom 2.
  • Do you think the new Mac mini Pro will be available in Titanium?

    Mac mini Pro with iPhone 14 Pro camera plateau.
  • Should I upgrade now, or wait until the Mac mini Pro ships in November?

    An Apple Mac mini as seen from above with an iPhone 15 camera bump depicted in its top left corner.
  • iTunes for Newton OS left a lot to be desired.

    Newton MessagePad 2000 syncing U2's album Songs of Innocence to an iPod Classic over a proprietary cable.
  • Apple has always been serious about Newton gaming.

    Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 with modifed Sony Playstation Dualshock 3 controller attached.
  • The Nugget MessagePad was Apple’s first pen-based computer shaped like a chicken nugget. Its key features were its communications capabilities (fax, email), its built-in personal organizer applications (Names, Dates, To Dos, Notes) and its ability to recognize and the interpret written words.

    Apple Nugget MessagePad Poster
  • Has anyone else tried porting the Einstein Newton OS emulator to the Apple Vision OS simulator?

    Einstein Newton OS emulator running in the Apple Vision OS simulator
  • I know I was surprised when I heard it too, but Apple Vision Pro will support dual-booting with Microsoft Bob and Windows Vista.

    Apple Vision Pro dual-booting Microsoft Bob and Windows Vista.
  • “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” Tiger electronic game

    "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" Tiger electronic game
  • The two-headed 15-inch iMac G4 “Hydra” was a special software development kit released by Apple in early 2002 in an effort to help lagging developers port that applications from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X. Capable of booting both operating systems simultaneously the hydra offered increased performance in the form of Dual 800 MHz PowerPC 7450 CPUs and up to 2 GBs of RAM. It sold for $2,000 (Apple Pro Speakers sold separately.)

    iMac G4 with dual 15-inch displays showing Mac OS 9 on the left and Mac OS X on the right.
  • We have come so far, and yet Apple’s older laptop designs still feel so familiar.

    PowerBook 1400cs with Notch, TouchBar, and large TrackPadPowerBook 720c with Notch, and TouchBar.

  • Dual-booting between Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X used to be very different.

    PowerBook G3 with side-by-side portrait displays running Mac OS 9 on the left and Mac OS X on the right.
  • Early examples of the Notch in Spring 2003

    iBook G3 and iPod (Dock Connector) both with notched displays
  • I can’t believe we have been staring at the Notch now for over 20 years…

    Titanium PowerBook G4 and Apple Cinema HD Display with notches in their LCDs
  • Is anyone else waiting for the Apple Vision Pro with Pride headband?

    Apple Vision Pro with rainbow Pride headband
  • Who can forget the Apple iNug, the best McDonald’s Happy Meal toy ever released.

    Apple iNug, an Apple iPod in the shape of a McDonald’s chicken McNugget.
  • The Power Macintosh Portable with amber gas-plasma display running System Software 6.

  • Does anyone know why the Power Mac G5 Cube wasn’t released?

    Power Mac G5 Cube emitting smoke out of its top convention cooling vent.