If you can wear Apple Earpods, you can wear Amazon Premium Headphones. If you think Apple Earpods sound good, Amazon Premium Headphones sound the same. If you take calls or pause the music on your Apple EarPods, Amazon Premium Headphones won’t let you down. And if you replace your Apple Earpods every few months due to loss or damage, don’t expect Amazon Premium Headphones to hold up any better. They are made out of the same materials, but Amazon Premium Headphones are half the price. Amazon Premium Headphones are not a superior product; they are a more convenient product. And that’s the only reason why you will find Amazon Premium Headphones in my ears.

The Good

Amazon Premium Headphones are tangle free. Their flat spaghetti cord resists being tied in knots. On the end of each earbud is a magnet, and when the earbuds are not in use they attract. The back of the left earbud connects with the back of the right earbud. This bond prevents the two earbuds from being tangled together. Sure, you could tie Amazon Premium Headphones in a bow if you really wanted to, but why would you do that? Amazon Premium Headphones come with a familiar remote control for taking taking calls and playing music. The remote control is in the fork of the headphones instead of on the cord leading to the right earbud. You can still find the right and left earbuds by feel, and use the built-in microphone even if you only have the left earbud in your ear. Call quality is the same as Apple Earpods; even if the microphone is further from your mouth. Just don’t try adjusting your iPhone’s volume with Amazon’s built-in remote control. The volume buttons don’t work with Apple products. Amazon Premium Headphones are black. They match the clothes I wear. They might match your clothes too. After wearing white earbuds for over a decade, it is nice to no longer be starring in my own Apple commercial. Amazon Premium Headphones are available on Prime; with same-day shipping in some areas. I lose or break my headphones a few times each year. Having a replacement pair in my hands the next day is the primary reason I buy Amazon Premium Headphones.

The Bad

The remote on Amazon Premium Headphones work with plenty of Android phones and tablets. But as I said before the volume buttons don’t work on Apple devices. I don’t know what Apple does differently, but not being able to quiet your calls on the cord may be a deal breaker for fans of iOS. After owning three pairs of Amazon Premium Headphones I have found the remote fails more often than Apple EarPods. The plastic splits along the middle, exposing the circuitry inside; a weakness in Amazon’s design. A little electrical tape puts everything back together, but I expect more from headphones with “Premium” in the name.

The Ugly

You will lose your Amazon Premium Headphone; we all do. And if you don’t lose them they will break before their first birthday. Amazon Premium headphones are made to be replaced. But they sound good while they last, work as expected, and replacing them is easier than waiting in an Apple Store line. That is why I buy Amazon Premium Headphones.