iFixit's MacBook Pro Battery Kit

If two things are glued together using “industrial adhesive” they were not meant to be pulled apart. And if one of those two things is a MacBook Pro lithium-ion battery that releases “toxic smoke” when punctured, you should think twice before trying to save a buck.

iFixit, everyone’s favorite pull-it-apart online repair guide is at it again. This time with a “glue-busting battery kit” that comes with all of the tools you need to replace your MacBook Pro battery. For somewhere between $89 and $120 iFixit promises to save you money over the Apple Store.

And while iFixit’s kit comes with everything you need to replace your MacBook battery, they fail to tell you that Apple’s battery service comes with a replacement trackpad, topcase, and keyboard (provided these components are in good working order), plus professional installation with a 90-day warranty all for $199.99. With iFixit you get a do-it-yourself project with more risk and less value than if you brought your MacBook to the Genius Bar.

Egg Freckles @eggfreckles